My Life in Audio Snippets

sam carr

I knew the real Son of Sam

My paper route took me through my Yonkers neighborhood. There were some characters but mostly sweet nice people getting their Herald Statesman, the daily newspaper. I did have one famous, or should I say, infamous house and family on my route. Let’s just say that I met the real “Son of Sam”


Collecting my weekly paper route money and delivering it to the boss was an interesting experience. To this day I still make sure all my bills face the same way.


Not sure if it’s that I was shy in my early days or the Irish in me but I do have a story about everything. I also can’t give a simple answer. I feel compelled to paint the picture with my rambling words.


Loitering at a Bus Stop

My father was a straight shooting working man who let us dress however we wanted to. He would point out that we had to live with whatever we chose.

This snippet is one of those moments in life that illustrated what long hair could bring about in your everyday life.